Business Idea
Study and evaluation
Process and Implementation
Follow up and business support




Management and Business Services

  1. All type of consultancy services
  2. Training and development consultancy services
  3. Management and Business consultancy
  4. Project management consultancy
  5. All type of feasibility study
  6. Internal controls and procedures assessment and review
  7. Marketing and Marketing consultancy
  8. Properties Management

Accounting Services

  1. Bookkeeping and Accounting
  2. Accounting consultancy
  3. Accounting systems assessment and review

Legal Services

  1. Arbitration and legal consultancy
  2. Trade mark registration
  3. Company registration (all type of companies)
  4. Commercial Agencies Registration
  5. Company liquidation (all type of companies)
  6. Debits collection
  7. Providing expert opinion and reports for Bahrain courts
  8. Judicial custody
  9. Contracts drafting and constructing