Business Consultation

Mela Bahrain’s business and management consultancy division provides a comprehensive range of services including:

Feasibility study and business plans – conducting feasibility studies to assess the financial viability in establishing various businesses in the Kingdom. Furthermore we assist promoters in formulating of detailed business plans for upcoming business projects to set the business goals and to design realistic plans to achieve such goals.

Internal Control Assessment – Studying the effectiveness and efficiency of the system of internal control installed by the management primarily for ‘risk assessment’ and to detect any control weakness and further to suggest actions for minimizing risk.

Business Valuations – Valuing the business to determine overall value of the business to facilitate mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, transfer of ownership etc.

Budgetary Control – Assisting the management during the annual budgeting phase to formulate budgets, to prepare variance analysis on a monthly basis, to determine reasons for such variances and to suggest corrective actions.

Human Resources- Assisting the management in designing an Organizational Structure for the business defining various job positions and documenting job description of each job position.

GAP Analysis – Conducting diagnostic study to determine any operational gaps hindering the productivity improvement of the business and suggesting solutions for productivity improvement.